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Fulvic Liquid Minerals

Unlike the minerals in Fulvic Acid inorganic minerals are biologically unavailable. They form colloids that are too large to be recognized at the cellular level. Structuring water causes most of these large mineral conglomerates to “silt out” leaving tiny amounts of sediment at the bottom and sides of a container. Silt is not like scale which is a much different kind of deposit that forms in unstructured water. Silt is evidence that water is structured but it may also be evidence that some of the minerals are still biologically unavailable.

In nature, water carries minerals in an organic form. The word, “organic” by definition means that a substance contains carbon. The body recognizes minerals when they are attached with carbon complexes. It is one reason raw food is the ideal source of minerals. Carbon is the key. Minerals in water are meant to be carried along with organic acids such as carbonic acid (a mix of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen that develops as water attracts carbon dioxide from the air) and fulvic acids from the soil. These organic acids unfortunately form toxic by-products called trihalomethanes (THMs) when mixed with chlorine, so water treatment methods routinely remove fulvic acids and other organic complexes from water. They destroy Nature’s way of providing minerals in an available form.

Fulvic acids (hundreds have been identified) are part of the humic structure in healthy soils. They are organic molecules exuded from aerobic microbes during the breakdown of organic matter in the soil. Fulvic acids are simple. Their elemental composition is Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N), and Sulfur (S)—the same basic elements that make up all life. At the same time, they are extremely complex. Fulvic acids have never been fully characterized nor clearly defined. Scientists still do not thoroughly understand their structure, nor do they understand exactly how they work. What we do know is that the structure of fulvic acids includes multiple voids and binding sites for holding minerals, vitamins and other plant complexes. Fulvic acids transform inorganic minerals and metals into molecular complexes that are uniquely different from their inorganic forms. Inorganic minerals disappear into the structure of fulvic acids and become bio-chemically active and biologically recognizable. Fulvic acids often carry 60 or more different minerals and trace elements as part of their molecular make up. They are completely soluble in water—even with a full load of minerals— and can hold many times their weight. But fulvic acids are much more than carriers of minerals.

Fulvic AcidFulvic acids function in so many ways within a healthy ecosystem that they have been referred to as the missing link in modern agriculture. They are Nature’s miracle of unparalleled proportion. Beyond mineral carriers, fulvic acids function as electrolytes, enzymes, antioxidants, antibiotics, buffers, and scavengers of heavy metals and other toxins. They improve nutrient absorption by increasing cellular permeability; they catalyze (speed up) metabolic reactions, they scavenge free radicals, buffer the pH in soils and water, and deactivate pesticides, radioactive compounds and other toxins. No other known biological substance can modify so many electrochemical and metabolic processes. No wonder they are considered miraculous—they are.

Fulvic acids as electrolytes

Electrolytes are ionic substances that dissolve in water to produce a solution capable of conducting electric current; they facilitate the flow of electrons. Fulvic acids are poly-electrolytes. They have so many binding sites that they can function as both positively-charged and negatively-charged electrolytes at the same time, called zwitterions. When consumed in water, they assist in maintaining cellular function.

Cells have been referred to as miniature batteries. Their membranes store and discharge energy. It is essential that the electrical potential of each cell remains charged. In fact, life is dependent on cellular electrical potential. Fulvic acids operate as battery chargers. Because of their electrolytic potential, they have instant cellular revitalizing characteristics, increasing cellular permeability by charging cell membranes for maximum absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional components.

Fulvic acids as antioxidants

Fulvic acids are bi-directional super antioxidants with the ability to render all types of free radicals neutral and harmless. As powerful electrolytes, they can act as an acceptor or a donor in the re-establishment of electrochemical balance. Fulvic acids can also reduce mineral compounds from higher oxidative states that may not be biologically available, to lower oxidative states where they can be utilized.


An enzyme is a catalyst that speeds up a chemical process without becoming a part of the reaction. Research has shown that fulvic acids improve many enzymatic reactions. The fact that minerals activate many enzymes and fulvic acids supply minerals, helps to explain the synergy.


There are two processes in nature that cannot be duplicated—photosynthesis and humification. The first involves the creation of organic matter and the second involves the breakdown of organic matter. Miraculously, humification preserves the original life giving, protective, and healing components of plants. These become concentrated in fulvic acids to impart subsequent generations with a head start in much the same way that mother’s milk provides immunity to her children. Humification protects many original components from completely breaking down. Small strands of RNA and DNA, remain intact. The DNA of every species on Earth, has (at one time or another) become a highly refined component of fulvic acids. These can impart immunity to future generations if they are allowed to participate in Nature’s continuing cycle of growth.

Fulvic acids have been overlooked by medicine and science. They have been treated as impurities in water. Yet recent studies show they contain hidden treasures that serve as antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal agents capable of working alone or in combination with other natural remedies. An extensive number of studies show that humic extracts, specifically fulvic acids, effectively and safely kill many viruses, including retroviruses, influenza viruses, and herpes simplex viruses. In fact, there is a patented humic-based compound that purifies blood for transfusions, killing the HIV virus without damaging blood cells. Many of these effects can be attributed to the interaction with other organic molecules as well as antioxidant properties. No unfavorable side effects have been noted in the extensive literature.

Heavy metal and toxin scavengers

When metals, minerals and trace elements become a part of fulvic acids, they take on new properties, unlike their original form. This is why organically bound minerals are biologically available while inorganic minerals are not. Cells have the ability to accept or reject minerals carried in fulvic acids. These include aluminum, lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium. In fact, fulvic acids have the ability to grab and remove heavy metals and other toxins already in a biological system. Fulvic acid solutions have been ingested by humans for years, yet they have never caused a toxic build-up. Ironically, it is when fulvic acids are not present that toxicity occurs. The natural diet of plants, animals and humans has included fulvic acids for thousands of years.

An important quality of humic substances is their absorptive interaction with environmental toxins. Fulvic acids target toxic organic compounds such as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and pharmaceutical compounds. Studies show fulvic acids and other humic substances neutralize/ deactivate these contaminants from water, soil and sewage. Radioactive substances also react rapidly with fulvic acids to form non-radioactive organo-metallic molecules. Fulvic acids and other humic complexes were used at Chernobyl. Their selective binding capabilities have also been exploited for the destruction of chemical warfare agents. Humus-based filters have been developed for sewage purification.

pH buffers

Fulvic acids are excellent pH buffers. Because they contain so many binding sites, they are capable of absorbing both acidic and alkaline ions that might otherwise affect pH. This is invaluable in the soil where plants only absorb nutrients within a specific pH range. Fulvic acids make nutrients available in the presence of many different soil conditions. They serve a similar function in water. Fulvic acids balance the high pH caused by an abundance of hard water minerals that are not accompanied by their acidic counterparts; they can also provide many minerals in their more usable (sulfate) form.

Fulvic acids for water

Fulvic acids are essential for healthy soil, for plant vigor and for human health. They occur naturally in living plants grown in humic soils and are found in the gastrointestinal tract of healthy humans and animals. Fulvic acids also play a role in the creation of full-spectrum, living water. They are a natural part of the water in streams and rivers everywhere, balancing minerals and making them available for living organisms.

When fulvic acids are added to water, they bring structure and life force—invigorating depleted water. By themselves, fulvic acids bring structure to water. However, if water is depleted (unstructured) when fulvic acids are added, much of the energy contained in them is spent to structure and activate the water. If, on the other hand, water is structured prior to the addition of fulvic acids, a perfusion of energy results as one life force combines with another. Fulvic acids are alive with Nature’s energy. Their addition to structured water results in the development of a matrix with the energetic signature of the three dimensional Flower of Life.

Carbon and fullerenes

Humic layer sandwiched between two layers of rock

Humus represents one of the greatest carbon reservoirs on Earth. As the backbone of life, carbon provides energy in many forms. The process of humification releases energy which is held in carbon complexes in fulvic acids—ready to be utilized by other life forms.

Fulvic acids are available in rich humus soils—but only in trace amounts. They are also found in ancient plant deposits, never fossilized, still remaining completely organic. Fulvic acids mined from ancient humic deposits are dormant. How they are handled determines whether they are spent or enlivened. Their energetic potential is awakened in water, activated with structured water, and potentized by the unique carbon geometry found in the mineral shungite.

Carbon fullerenes

Shungite, found only in Russia (and in some meteorites) is made of carbon and silicate minerals. It contains fullerenes, a unique crystalline formation of carbon cages. (Read the article about fullerenes and shungite.) Fullerenes are a form of active carbon. They additionally activate and potentize the water/fulvic matrix for a robust full-spectrum living water with the capacity to enliven everything in its presence (vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients).

Fulvic acids assist every stage of cellular metabolism. They restore electrical balance; they provide bio-available minerals; they scavenge free radicals, neutralize toxins and remove heavy metals. They help to create full-spectrum, living water at its best.

How to make fulvic-enhanced/fullerene water

  • Always begin with the best water possible. When making fulvic-enhanced water, do NOT use chlorinated or fluoridated water!! (The addition of fulvic acids to chlorinated water creates toxic by-products known as trihalomethanes (THMs)).
  • Structure your water  and remember to add salts. Bamboo salt is our favorite; it is exceptional for making fulvic-enhanced water. It adds many minerals in their ormus state and lights up the water/fulvic/fullerene matrix.
  • Add fulvic acids* along with 30 grams of elite shungite to 2 liters of structured water and allow to mature. (Every fulvic acid product is different. Each comes from a different location and has a different energetic signature as well as different minerals and a different concentration. Follow the directions with each product – and remember that the additional activation using structured water and shungite may reduce the amount you need.

*NOTE: Fulvic acids can be VERY cleansing. Pay attention to your body. Start slowly and if you notice symptoms of cleansing, back off and begin again more slowly.

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    What is your preferred way to structure water (before adding fulvic acids)? Cheers

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