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We are VERY grateful to Dr S. – from Greece for sending us his impressive first series of Theraphi Plasma trials reports. We remind that although cold plasma for treatments of many issues is rapidly gaining medical recognition– that Theraphi is still an experimental treatment – which has appropriate disclaimers.  (In these reports min. on/vs off- refers do alternating durations of time with the Theraphi plasma tubes on/ off . Both for the plasma tube life- and the comfort of patients- normal duty cycle maximum time is recommended- generally max about 15 min on then cool).

Notes on Theraphi results from Dr S:

First patient. – Woman, 49 years old with multiple sclerosis the symptoms started 5 years ago. Status before theraphi, minimum movement only of the right shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers, spasticity is visible. Depression, hypothyroidism and thyroidal nodules. Wheelchair patient not capable for self service of any kind. The sessions are every Saturday and Sunday (each time is for two days, twice per day 3-4 hours interval). We started the first time on the 2ndof March with 9on-9off-9on she was feeling euphoria. Second time, the same 9on-9off-9on, she was feeling younger. Third time, 12on-9off-12on she was feeling stronger. From now on it gets interesting, forth time 18on she asked her husband to help her stand up and put her feet to the ground. She stood up for a few seconds with her husband holding only her hands (amazing). Then we took her to the elevator with the wheelchair and from the sitting position she raised her right arm and pressed the button for the ground floor (it was impossible to do until then). Fifth time 18on she said that she was feeling that she needs more and that the Hulk (from the comics) wants to come out. Sixth time 24on she said that a flow was running through her body and now the spasticity is almost gone. Back then I talk to Dan about the time that the tube can stay on safe without causing any damage and told me 9-12 min max. I was thinking how I can prolong the sessions and I started with 9on-9off-9on-9off-9on-9off-9on-9off-9on-9off.9on (99 min total but sometimes I stop at 81 min depending on how I sense she feels, if she is full). From the sixth time I also do intravenous infusion. Last time we did only 9on-9off-9on-9off-9on-9off. I believe that now it is time to slow down, her hypothyroidism is hyperthyroidism and the thyroidal nodules are smaller. We continue.

Second patient- Young man, 24 years old, incomplete tetraplegia, ASIA D with spasticity. Cervical ischemia of no reason (the truth is the doctors never searched the etiology). The right limbs are 100% functional. The neurologic evidence of the left side is, at the lower limb, lack of gait control and drop foot, upper limb, from the shoulder no movement, elbow only extension 1 out of 5 no flexion, wrist no movement, fingers slight movement, thumb even less. The protocol is the same (as the first patient) according the time but in this case the sessions are 4 time a week Monday to Thursday. The 9on-9off-9on gave no change at the movement but more organized and less spasticity. When we started 18on the gait control was amazing and the drop foot was so improved that he could walk up and down the stairs without problem. From the upper limb, shoulder we have movement (extension, anterior and posterior flexion). Elbow extension 2-5, flexion 1-5 (great). Wrist 3-5, by moving the fingers. Fingers he can play video games with effort. We continue.

Third patient – Woman, 51 years old. Carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness and extreme pain. Numbness, 16 years now, pain last 6 months. She came to me two days before programmed surgery because of the pain. We began targeted therapy, the wrist in the middle between the tubes. The tubes 63 centimeters distance from each other. First week, 4 days Monday to Thursday 5on minutes only. After the second time, the pain was significantly less and after the fourth session it completely gone. Second week two times with one day interval, 6on min one day and 7on min the next. She said that she was feeling some difference but she was not sure yet. Third week 8on min one day 9on min the next, she is sure that the numbness is less. Forth week 9on min, numbness only during the night (logic). We continue.

Fourth patient – Woman, 50 years old. Carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness and pain the last three months (the problem started 5 years ago). Targeted therapy. First session 5on min. Next week, she told me that the night after the session was very painful but the following days her wrist got better, so now she was feeling a difference but unsure to tell. Second session 6on min and after two days 7on min. She said that during the session she was feeling something happening at her wrist and she is feeling better. We continue.

Ninth patient- Old lady 78 years old. Painful osteoarthritis on both knees. Targeted sessions, 9on-9off-9on once every week for 4 weeks. After the second session I also did neural therapy and TLA (therapeutic local anesthesia) after each session. The results were great.

Tenth patient – Female athlete of walking, 26 years old. Right femoral biceps strain (painful). Came to my office two weeks before the game. We did two sessions (Saturday and Sunday) 9on-9off-9on and she was feeling much better, the pain was almost gone. After one week another two sessions 9on0off-9on and TLA after every session. At the game she finished 2nd.

Eleventh patient – Young child 5 years old (my son). Acute pain (8 VAS-visual analog scale) on the left knee, he could not walk, the child woke up complaining. 5on min, he was feeling better (5 VAS) and he could walk with effort. Next day the pain was completely gone.

Twelfth patient – Woman 42 years old (my wife). Sore throat, weakness and pain all over the body. First session 9on-9off-9on-9off-9on she felt better immediately, full of energy and no more sore throat. Next day 9on-9off-9on even better. Third day in a row 9on she said “I am full”. Two days later she was free of all the symptoms.

Thirteenth  patient – Woman, 39 years old. Went to the hospital to my wife (she is gastroenterologist) with abdominal pain, bloating distended colon and was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction due to twisted sigmoid colon (she couldn’t pass stool or gases). This requires urgent surgical treatment. Next day she came to my office for the first session 9on-9off-9on 3 days in a row. On the third day she was not feeling any pain and her abdomen was soft and easy palpable (no more surgical case). Second week, 18on min once per day for 3 sessions, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Intestinal mobility was back and she was feeling happy. I have to mention that for a couple of months she could not eat solid food, only soups. Third, fourth and fifth week 9on-9off-9on twice each week. I sent to repeat the radio-logical examination. Sadly nothing changed. We continued the sessions 9on twice a week. She started eating semisolid food and then solid. Then we stopped the medication that she was taking for intestinal mobility. Now we wait.

Fourteenth patient – Woman 53 years old, overweight 115kgr, hairdresser. She came to my office with severe osteoarthritis on both knees (that means paaainfull). Left knee needed surgery immediately. We began with 9on-9off-9on she came after one week with worst pain than before telling me that this week of hell from the pain. Again 9on-9off-9on this time the results were better next week she came with mild pain. We continue one session every week, now she is pain free. I am not expecting anything more than that because she is not losing weight, she is still working many hours per day standing and she is not eating healthy. It will take something more than a miracle for her organism to fix those knees. We continue.

Fifteenth patient – Girl 16 years old. Her story is abdominal pain since she was 12. She could not eat and she lost weigh. She stopped all the athletic activities and her social life was home and depressed. She was complaining all the time and she could not sleep well from the pain.  All those years her parents took her to many many many many many physicians that could not find the cause of the pain (many examinations, ct scan, MRI ethnography, gastroscopy, even colonoscopy). Good luck for her I was the last one. The sessions are once a week. First session 9on-9off-9on she said nothing changed. Second week 9on-9off-9on she said everything is the same. Third and fourth week went with nothing getting better. On the sixth week 18on, I turned off the tubes and asked her how she feels and to my surprise see gave me the thumbs up. From that day we continue with 14on every week. She gain weight, she is not complaining for pain anymore and she started her athletic activities. My diagnosis is immobile sacroiliac joint. The mechanism explains the pain at the abdominal wall. We continue.

Bonus info – I put my wife in the field and I gave her a kiss on the lips (the tubes were on). It hit us with electricity and the result was burning on the lips. So no kisses while in the field

(Note from Dan-  while grounding AFTER Theraphi treatment is essential, however  like healing negative ion clouds- WHILE Theraphi plasma is on- care must be taken not to touch ground- because the charge cloud will dissipate. Similarly the healing field / corona – around the Theraphi tesla coil box and wires must be carefully kept away from metal/ and electrical ground. So it is very important that if you touch anyone during plasma treatment- you must not touch a ground. Generally- even tantric embrace is possible and we have amazing reports- but the difficulty would be a touch between two people in the field- if one is more grounded than the other.  If 2 people touch in the energized plasma field- care must be taken- both are not touching ground- a short test touch can help verify there is no static spark differential.


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