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by Zelos Osborne

For the past five years I have dealt with chronic digestive and liver issues. I wake up most days feeling unwell and mentally, physically and emotionally dysfunctional to some degree or other.
Throughout that whole period I have tried virtually every natural treatment approach that I was aware of and only gained a few lasting improvements.

Recently a dear and long term friend, who has had a very similar 'health recovery' journey, told me about the Theraphi and how impressed he was with a course of treatments. I was involved with a new treatment protocol at the time and when that failed to produce the desired results I applied for a course of Theraphi treatments at the Flower Of Life in Lismore, NSW.

From the very first treatment  I improved and the improvements increased progressively over the following three treatment. The progression has continued over the past ten days since the treatments to the point of a consistent state of wellness I was beginning to doubt ever achieving again.

Over the past couple of days there has been a slight dip which I am confident a couple of booster sessions will rectify. I am so grateful to my friend for his referral and thinking of how the Theraphi  would benefit me. I am confidently looking forward to living without the mentally, physically and emotionally dysfunction of the past. I have a renewed sense of hope and I am very appreciative to John for the gift he has given me.

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