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Dental infections destroy mitochondria

Dental infections destroy mitochondria through thioethers (unstable chemical compounds) and gliotoxins (fungal toxins), which are found in cavities, root canals, and jaw infections. Unfortunately, our current solutions to these dental woes don’t offer much hope in terms of promoting healthy mitochondria. In addition, the mercury in amalgam fillings destroys many of the rechargeable ATP/ADP batteries in cells.
All mercury fillings continually leak substantial amounts of mercury gas into the body, which is why mercury from fillings is responsible for most of the mercury exposure that occurs. Mercury comes off of fillings every time the fillings are stimulated through rubbing, temperature changes (occurring with consumption of hot beverages like coffee), teeth grinding, or chewing gum.
In 1985 the International Academy of Oral Medicine Toxicology decided to determine the amount of mercury that comes off fillings through a series of tests performed on sheep. They found that a substantial quantity of mercury spread to every organ in the sheep in just 30 days. The sheep’s kidneys lost some of their ability to function. When the tests were performed on monkeys, whole body imaging discovered the same thing. The mercury released from “silver” fillings provoked and increased both mercury and antibiotic resistant bacteria in the primates’ oral and intestinal flora within two weeks of acquiring the fillings. Further studies showed damage to brain neuron proteins.
In 1991 The World Health Organization acknowledged that the predominant source of mercury exposure in our culture comes from dental fillings. There is no such thing as a safe mercury filling—they all leak. If mercury and lead both happen to be present in the system, the combination is many times more toxic than mercury alone.
The manufacturers of amalgam filling material state that mercury is contraindicated for:

  • Expectant mothers
  • Children aged 6 and under
  • Proximalor occlusal contact to dissimilar metal restorations
  • Patients with severe renal (kidney) deficiency
  • Patients with known allergies to amalgams
  • When used as retrograde or in endodontic fillings
  • When used as a filling material for cast crowns

Unfortunately, dentists don’t always follow manufacturer’s directions. Most gold and porcelain crowns cover the mercury amalgam fillings that have caused a problem tooth to fracture. This means that the mercury is still there. And x-rays will not show what is occurring with a tooth after a crown is in place.

Is there a way to discover if you have a problem?
You can measure the voltage leaking from dental fillings made of metal with a common voltmeter purchased from a hardware store. Simply put the voltmeter’s black probe on the inside of your cheek and the red probe on the filling. Any measurement above 20mv is abnormal. You shouldn’t have more than 30 mv coming from a tooth that simply has a filling.
Crowns can present special problems. Porcelain crowns are usually placed over a metal cap. You can see the metal caps at the gum-line and can put a voltmeter there and see what is going on underneath the porcelain crown. If as much as 100 mv comes from a tooth with a crown, a visit to the dentist will confirm that there is a problem. When the dentist lifts off the crown, there will always be decay beneath it.
When mercury fillings are removed they should be replaced with composite fillings. As this procedure is undertaken patients should be sure to use an auxiliary air supply mask so they won’t breathe in their own air, which will include mercury vapors. A rubber dam should also be fitted inside the mouth to keep the mercury from being swallowed.
Root Canals
A tooth that has a root canal is by definition dead. All dead tissues in the body carry infection, and this can cause problems that use up the body’s voltage. If you pull out a tooth that has had a root canal, put it in a glass of saline water for a day, and then take a single drop of the saline solution and inject it into a mouse, the mouse will die in less than a minute due to the toxins. These toxins are released into the body through infections
in the teeth. The toxins are called gliotoxins and thioethers. Teeth that have root canals always become infected. That is why root canals must be removed and replaced with a bridge. Any dead tissue in the body must be removed, whether it is a tooth, an appendix, or a big toe. The dentist who originally invented the root canal procedure, George E Meinig, D.D.S., later came to realize the problems created by root canals. He spent the
last years of his career trying to get dentists to stop doing this type of surgery. In the process, he wrote the book Root Canal Cover-Up.

Infections in Jaw Bones
Dental cavitations are infections that occur in jawbones. The problem often originates when an infected root canal tooth spreads toxins into the jawbone. It can also happen when a tooth is pulled but the ligament that holds the tooth to the jaw is not removed by the dentist. The ligament rots and the area under the bone becomes a small abscess in the
jaw. This condition usually doesn’t cause any pain or at most minimal pain. That’s why most patients don’t even know they have it. However, the toxins that escape from cavitations are severe and can cause damage to other organs in the body. It is estimated
that one root canal tooth can put out enough toxins to inactivate 80 percent of your immune system; toxins from cavitations are worse than those from root canals.

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