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THERAPHI and Scalar Energy

The common denominator of the universe and of life is scalar energy. Scalar energy exists in a longitudinal wave form capable of penetrating any solid object including Faraday Cages; it's capable of passing through the earth from one side to another with no loss of field strength (as proved in one of Nikola Tesla's research projects); it can travel faster than the speed of light (well proven in the super-luminosity experiments and contrary to what Albert Einstein stated), and according to the Russian astrophysicist, Nikolai Kozyrev, scalar energy was the primal force for the creation of matter in the universe.

Scalar energy is recognized as a phase‑conjugated double helix waveform that provides the template for repairing our DNA. Scalar energy also has the ability to disassemble toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and foreign substances) by altering their molecular structure, making them inert and non-reactive. Scalar energy also stimulates stems cells for repair. In essence, scalar energy is the "Holy Grail."

Exposing our bodies to full sunlight and using the Theraphi System (actual scalar energy), eating the Longevity Diet and tonic herbs ( , exercise and expressing positive affirmations all increase the body's scalar energy, which maintains our vitality.

Scalar energy supplies the power for cells to vibrate at their "Factory Default" frequency settings
• Brain frequencies average between 70‑78 MegaHertz (MHz).
• Thyroid and Parathyroid: 62‑68 MHz.
• Thymus: 65‑68 MHz.
• Heart: 67‑70 MHz.
• Lungs: 58‑65 MHz.
• Liver: 55‑60 MHz.
• Stomach: 58‑65 MHz.
• Pancreas: 60‑80 MHz.
• Descending Colon: 58‑63 MHz.
• Ascending Colon: 50‑60 MHz.

Research has discovered that the general human healthy frequency of our body falls within the range of 62 to 72 Hz. When our bodies are assaulted by heavy metals, pesticides like glyphosate (Round‑Up), vaccines, viruses, contaminated water, air, and processed foods (white sugar, white bread and white rice, etc.), chemtrails, toxic root canal teeth, genetically modified wheat, soy, corn, and other Frankenfoods from Monsanto, wi‑fi and other EMFs, the body's frequency is lowered. When our frequency dips to 58 Hz we are more susceptible to colds and flu. When our frequency dips to 55 Hz we get colds and flu. When our frequency plummets to 42 Hz we get cancer. The prescription for anti-aging, prolonging our life, and reversing the disease process is simple. We must focus on reducing our exposure, as much as possible, to the aforementioned stressors.

The common denominator for achieving optimum health and increasing one's longevity and reversing disease is removing the initiators, detoxing the body, eating real food and using the Theraphi Device, all of which will restore the cell's frequencies.
- from Dr Gerald Smith, edited by Roger Green

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  1. Berit Clifford 6 January, 2019 at 8:15 pm - Reply

    So happy to read this. I am looking forward to have the opportunity to have this treatment in early February. 2019
    I liked and understood the article. Thank you very much for sharing. Berit Clifford 81 years old.

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