The Theraphi process works for a wide array of individuals and issues. Some people come to us to maximize their potential by seeking clearer thinking, enhanced creativity, improved athletic/physical performance or just an overall increased sense of happiness and well-being. The Theraphi process can benefit any person, young to elderly. It can be highly valuable for persons with pain, poor circulation, inflammation, neuro-psychiatric conditions, including depression, and many others. It can also catalyze creativity and peak performance for artists, athletes, and executives. In a large number of cases the client has also experienced a feeling of bliss or euphoria.

Users of the Theraphi Device have reported positive results with those who are challenged by the following conditions:

  • Natural Pain Reduction
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Anti-Aging
  • Improved Circulation
  • Enhance the Immune System
Regardless of the presenting condition, we are constantly gratified by the results our clients report. Given the nature of the technology, we cannot predict or guarantee results; nor do we diagnose, heal, treat, cure, or address specific symptoms (see Legal Disclaimer). We see it very simply: we help the client energetically in a phase conjugate, negentropic way to achieve a greater state of order and balance which leads to relaxation and self-regulation.
The Theraphi device is not only very new and powerful it is revolutionary. Make no mistake about it. The Theraphi process itself is a holistic, non-invasive method during which the cells of the body are restored to a healthier state. The actual healing system is the body’s own cellular regeneration system. Biological systems use longitudinal EM waves. The Theraphi system tailors these specific wave forms generating a rich information field. This kind of strong charge field is by definition simply the electrical opposite of swelling, cyst and tumour growth. It is also known for increasing circulation and sensation in areas where these have been limited or lost. After your session you will find yourself more relaxed and alive. Please check out the Testimonials to see how significantly peoples have changed their lives.

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to start your journey to restore order to your body’s cellular regenerative system.

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2 weeks ago

Anah van Dorp

Hello John and Bella, looking forward to coming to visit you at your new place soon. Hope alls well, lots of <3 <3 <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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Looking forward to catching up!

2 months ago

John Hardgrave

I love the following quote from Theresa Crabtree:

"Thoughts are Frequencies
All things on earth carry a unique energetic signature pattern or frequency. The frequencies of love and gratitude are very high. As can be expected in our world of polarity, the opposite, the frequency of fear and darkness are very low. The earth itself resonates at a frequency that must be compatible with her inhabitants, or else life cannot be sustained.
Emotions resonate at specific frequencies, just like material objects. Masters such as Gandhi and Mother Teresa focused on peace, rather than anti-war protests. They knew that by focusing on “not war,” it strengthens the frequency of war. By focusing on “peace,” the same activist is now resonating in the frequency of peace, the opposite of war. You cannot be peaceful and yelling about peace at the same time.
Negative thought forms glop together due to the law of attraction; like attracts like. Positive thoughtforms simply flow in, around and through all things. Negative thoughtforms have low frequencies. They are like a thick paste. Consider the making of a papier-mâché piñata. Bits of paper are layered one by one and held together with paste. Each layer makes the piñata stronger. In the beginning, the first layer of paper was quite flimsy. However, after you have added several layers of paper and paste, it will take a bat and quite a bit of effort to break the piñata.
With practice and an open heart, there will come a time in your life when low frequencies such as fear and anger no longer exists. You will have come to understand that all is well and that what others do and say have no control over you. There will come a time when you will learn how to stay centered and at peace, no matter what is happening in the world. This is the goal.
You will then be vibrating at a frequency of love that can keep pace with mother earth. At that point, you will become a role model for others. You will join the ranks of Ghandi, Mother Teresa and those who love unconditionally. As more of us reach higher vibrations of love, the energies in the world will tip to a more positive side. It is then that the creation of heaven on earth can be experienced once again."

© 2016 Theresa Crabtree. All Rights Reserved.
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Everything is energy ..every entity has a frequency can kill bacteria using specific frequencies change ones overall frequency takes time - people revert to habitual subconscious behaviours

Lismore is in a bit of a " storm " battle there ...hope all will be OK soon ...keep safe

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