Dental infections destroy mitochondria

Dental infections destroy mitochondria through thioethers (unstable chemical compounds) and gliotoxins (fungal toxins), which are found in cavities, root canals, and jaw infections. Unfortunately, our current solutions to these dental woes don’t offer much hope in terms of promoting healthy mitochondria. In addition, the mercury in amalgam fillings destroys many of the rechargeable ATP/ADP batteries [...]

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Study results are alarming for family members exposed to chemotherapy drugs

When cancer is diagnosed, many patients choose to treat the disease with chemotherapy. But it appears that “chemo” carries health risks not only for the patients receiving it, but for those who care for them. In fact, studies have revealed that family members of cancer patients can be exposed to chemotherapy drugs (which are hazardous [...]

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Fulvic Liquid Minerals

Unlike the minerals in Fulvic Acid inorganic minerals are biologically unavailable. They form colloids that are too large to be recognized at the cellular level. Structuring water causes most of these large mineral conglomerates to “silt out” leaving tiny amounts of sediment at the bottom and sides of a container. Silt is not like scale [...]

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Running Barefoot Boosts the Brain

In what might be the strangest advice for memory improvement and dementia prevention, researchers at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville believe running barefoot boosts cognitive function and working memory. They came to this conclusion after extensive testing that involved participants who ran with shoes on and then ran barefoot — and how those runners [...]

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Healing is Voltage

All chronic disease is caused by the body's inability to make new cells that work. All you need to remain young and healthy is sufficient cellular voltage for creating new cells and the raw materials to make new cells that are healthy: amino acids, fats, minerals, glucose, vitamins and minerals in proper amounts. pH means [...]

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The Tennant Biomodulator®

The Tennant Biomodulator®, a hand-held biofeedback device, has its origins in the Russian Scenar (acronym for Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation). The Biomodulator's predecessor was developed by Russian scientists in the 1970s to address an unexpected problem with their space program: the forced feeding of antibiotics to all cosmonauts, whether they were ill or well. [...]

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Revolution in Blood Medicine

Intranasal Laser Therapy Until now, to have one’s blood treated, one would have to use all kinds of sophisticated equipment that was expensive and dangerous. No longer. For low cost and with no threat of toxic side-effects one can safely treat one’s blood at home, expecting the same broad positive medical effects doctors have seen [...]

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