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Happy Healthy Christmas

Here at ‘Flower of Light’ Lismore, we’re celebrating our first Christmas by offering some Christmas Specials. Receive 2 sessions for the price of 1 (excluding 1st assessment session) by booking and paying before 25 December.

We have been open since January 2017. We arrived just in time for the awesome flood!! We’re enjoying connecting and building relationships with people from the Northern Rivers Region, and we have met some amazing people in our short time of operation.

Our Exciting News

At ‘Flower of Light’, we believe in using a non-invasive approach and our focus is on energetic and vibration healing. The main device that we have been using with great success is the Theraphi™.
We are now excited to announce the arrival of a new complementary tool, the Tennant Biomodulator™ which we have integrated into our approach. We use this device for diagnostic (voltage levels) and our therapy programs. In 2005, Dr. Tennant1 M.D. introduced this device as a cost effective biofeedback micro current instrument. It has a new set of proprietary frequency combinations that enable it to integrate with the body’s systems unlike any available before. The Biomodulator™ exerts an energetic influence on the body or more exactly, the meridian channels that relate to those symptom/ organ/area of the body. This addresses the issue/symptom more directly, enhancing the client outcome.

While taking a non-invasive approach, we are focused on addressing health holistically, so that our clients get the best options and the most effective results. We believe that treating only the symptoms and illnesses on a physical level, is only addressing one part of the physical issue, as do prescription drugs with their possible side effects potentially outweighing their benefits.

Dr Tennant’s work has been exciting to discover and learn about. Dr Tennant quotes statements like “All diseases occur when you are acidic” and “Alkalise or die” refers to the fact that you must have electrons available or else your cells will die and that what this really means is “All disease occurs when your voltage is low”; Thus we see that ‘Chronic Disease’ is always defined as ‘The body having low voltage’. According to Dr Tennant, “You don’t need drugs to heal; you need to make new cells that work to heal. To make new, healthy cells, you need sufficient voltage and a nutritious diet. You also need to remove toxins from your body that damage cells and/or make you obese.

So, treating the person, rather than the disease, means that we are looking at ‘correcting the whole body and its energy balance system’. We feel this is more of an empowering process for the individual and is more likely to create a pathway to health.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy Christmas and look forward to collaborating further with this wonderful, vibrant community.

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