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Here are my observations since the Theraphi protocol

My children S. 10 years old and O. 7 years old and myself were fortunate to do the Theraphi clinic on the Gold Coast. Sam has allergies and O has a vaccine induced Autism. I had regular headaches and a bursitis in the hip. We had 8 sessions each.

O: 3 weeks after the protocol – the week following the protocol was week 10 term 3 a very busy and hard term- Oscar started to talk in complex sentences. 5-7 words strung together. Before it was 2-5. He started to provide 2-3 loops of conversation. Before the therapii it was one loop. Basically answering questions but not questioning himself. He also became quite observant.

My husband brought home a soap from the hotel he recently stayed in. O looked at the soap and said: “Why did Daddy took a soap home from the country.” ( To be honest I did not notice the soap before O. mentioned.

We went to New Norcia this week. Everybody who works at the monastic town has a uniform.
O. saw a badge at the gift shop and insisted he had to wear it as it is the country badge, so he is a country boy! (O’s dream is to move to the country.)
It was so cute! To see my little boy, apply his logic to how the world works is beautiful.

S is coping with life better. H says he is all good and had the best holiday on the Coast. He has lots of energy now. Before he had mild anxiety. It seems that that has gone.

ME: Well, during the treatments I had a migraine and a pulled back muscle relieved almost instantaneously. My surprise came when we got back to Perth the next day I felt going for a run in the morning and to do some yoga. Well, what a feeling. I did not have this much energy since my twenties. I now run every morning.  My bursitis is healing. Clearly I could hardly walk let alone run before!

Thank you!

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