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EM exchange and the human body

The body continually receives and retransmits Electro Magnetic (EM) energy.  The body may be considered as a dielectric.em human 500x500 Every part of the dielectric participates in the absorption and emission of each photon to and from any point on the surface. The reflected field from a dielectric material is not generated just at its surface but comes from everywhere in the interior of it.

(1) Mechanical force effects are also electrical in nature and exchange similarly.

The ramifications of the body continually receiving and re-transmitting EM energy is:

  • There is an EM "dielectric transmission path" connecting every part of every cell to every part of the surface of the body.
  • All electrical processes in the body, including deep within the cell and its nucleus, participate in the absorption and emission of every photon to and from the body's outer surface (
and every mechanical force experience).
  • The EM emission energy of the body is a conglomerate mix of fractions of all processes and functions ongoing in the body or affecting it, including in every cell.
  • This includes all electromagnetic, mechanical, chemical, and environmental effects upon and in the body and every tiniest part of it, and provides an extended definition of "stress".
  • The reaction of each photon absorbed on any point of the outer surface of the body, connects through the dielectric transmission path to every part of the body, including to every part of every cell.
  • Every emission from the body is participated in by every part of the body,
  • including every part of every cell.
  • The body's emission "changes" its environment, adding EM radiation. Some of the internal induced changes (excited states) in the body decay by this external emissin. Some do not, but must be otherwise dealt with internally by the body systems.
  • The body's EM absorption allows the environment to change or affect every function, operation, and part of the body, by adding EM radiation.
  • All are continually being affected and deviated, both helpfully and harmfully, by these deeply induced EM interactions.
  • The body's reaction (healing) must continually readjust and correct deviations from normalcy, in every part of every cell.
  • The sum total of all the impinging external EM radiation upon the body, plus mechanical "special EM" radiation, thus affects and changes the body and all its processes, participating in them.
  • That impinging EM radiation can be manipulated to either harm or heal the body and any or all of its cells.
  • The body must continually overcome these externally-induced EM changes in its cells and processes, to maintain normalcy. Some EM changes are restored by the subsequent dielectric emission process, relieving the previously-induced deviant EM excitations in its internal processes. Some are not.
  • The poorly studied
  • cellular regenerative system performs the remainder of the restorative function, which is the fundamental "healing" function of the body.


    The body continually receives and retransmits Electro Magnetic (EM) energy from every part of every cell to every part of the surface of the body. What does this mean? It means that we can amplify the cellular regenerative (healing) system of the body for treatment and healing through the non-invasive use of higher symmetry Electro Magnetics such as through the use of the Theraphi.
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      Have you ever watched Guy Richie’s movie “Revolver”? I just did a few days ago (I’m slow, it came out in 2005) and it’s made me do some deep thinking along the same lines of what I’m reading here on your about page.

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