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by Hans (J H) Geesink and Dirk K F Meijer

We hypothesize that living organisms make use of algorithmic frequencies that unite the first, second and third harmonics of waves, and has an analogy with the science of sound. Pythagoras of Samos (c.582 - c.507 B.C.) discovered that a musical scale could be made by continuing through the circle of fifths (2:3), and dividing down harmonically with ratio of octaves (1:2) to
determine the pitch for each note. There is a distinct problem in this procedure: it does not add up correctly because a discrepancy between twelve justly tuned perfect fifths (ratio 3:2) and seven octaves (ratio 2:1) results in a small residual distance. This distance is called the Pythagorean comma and amounts: 1.013643265. Contrary to the wishes of scale builders and musicians from antiquity to the present, the powers of the integer ratios 3/2 and 2/1 do not form a closed system (Loy, 2011).

The small excess ratio means that a music scale cannot be completely harmonic with regard to octaves and to intervals of a fifth. Our analysis of 240 different frequencies of biological electromagnetic experiments published in 300 papers ranging from less than one Hertz till Peta Hertz has been performed. Based on this analysis we propose that the same type of intervals as found by Pythagoras can be discovered for living systems, cells and biomolecules, at which the frequency intervals are positioned at 1:2 and closely approaching 2:3. The discovered frequencies are organized in patterns forming a closed system, in which the Pythagorean comma is zero. The frequencies analyzed for living systems show 12 “fifths” with a mean value of 1.498307, of which 5 “fifths” are precisely 2:3. Under these conditions a reference scale of 12 typical frequencies can be defined: 256.00, 269.79, 288.00, 303.16, 324.00, 341.21, 364.73, 384.00, 404.51, 432.00, 455.08, 486.00 Hz. Probably a new bio-physical principle has been found, revealing how nature installs coherence in living organisms, cells, and biomolecules, by uniting the first, second and third harmonics of waves.

There is abundant scientific literature on the influence of non-thermal electromagnetic radiation and related fields on biological systems (Fröhlich, 1975, Belyaev, 2015, Brizhik 2013, Cifra, 2010, Cosic and Lazar, 2015, Muehsam and Ventura, 2014, Sahu, 2013, Lundholm, 2015, Hammerschlag, 2015, Pang, 2016). Constructive interference and quantum coherence have not only been shown for micro states such as single proteins, but also for macro processes such as photosynthesis, magneto-reception in birds, the human sense of smell as well as photon effects in vision; all showing a non-trivial role for quantum mechanisms throughout biology (reviewed by Lambert et al 2013). We herewith propose a soliton model that is able to describe a spectrum of electromagnetic soliton frequencies that can be applied to study the physical principles of biological effects in living cells, as caused by endogenous and exogenous electromagnetic fields. Our extensive meta-analysis of published biological/medical studies, 219 in number, in which living material (tissues, cells, and whole animals) was exposed to external electromagnetic (EM) radiation employing a wide spectrum of EM frequencies show a striking coherent pattern of frequency bands revealed in the diagram below.

The particular bands, representing the applied EM field frequencies, show a discrete distribution pattern, plotted on an acoustic scale, in which the separation of the bands is complete and statistically significant on the 0.01 level. The cell and life stabilizing EM frequencies of the ‘Life algorithm principle’ detected by us (Geesink and Meijer, 2016), might be modelled as spiral information trajectories using a toroidal geometry, as earlier shown in music theory.

EM fields and cancer

Physical and biological evidence was found by us for the hypothesis that carcinogenesis fits in a frequency pattern of electromagnetic (EM) waves, in which a gradual loss of cellular organization occurs. We find that cancer can be initiated and promoted at typical frequencies of electromagnetic waves positioned in decoherent soliton frequency zones. In contrast, the generation of cancer features can be inhibited and retarded by application of coherent soliton frequencies. This concept was revealed by analyzing 200 different EM frequency data in a total of 320 different published biomedical studies. All frequencies, ranging from sub Hz till Petahertz, could again be normalized into 12 basic beneficial (anti-cancer) frequencies, and 12 basic detrimental (cancer promoting) frequencies, that exhibit a deviation from coherency and related geometry. The particular beneficial, versus the detrimental EM frequencies zones are likely mirrored by oscillations in the intact cell, and are features of a either a healthy state or a corrupted cell state. The supposed beneficial effects may include promotion of cell differentiation, anti-tumour signalling pathways and apoptotic cell death, whereas cancer inducing effects may be related to altered expression of pro-cancer genes, oxidative damage and inhibition of cell differentiation.

The observed pattern is, to our knowledge, the first that defines the entire EM spectrum related to cancer, and may provide proper explanation of the many current successes, but also failures in EM therapies in clinical oncology. Of note, similar deviations in EM frequencies have been recently demonstrated in Alzheimer disease, bone degeneration and pain perception, indicating that coherent resonance may be central in determining health and disease.

Cognitive function and neurological disorders

We also analyzed the work of Xuan, Vatansever, Cassano, Iosifescu and Hamblin (2012, 2014, 2016) on low-level laser therapy and transcranial photo-biomodulation, applied within a frequency band range from 308 till 1600 nm. Also these studies could be positioned at a scale of coherency ranging from coherent till highly coherent frequency bands, that have been addressed to improved cognitive function, enhanced learning, enhanced memory, restore of neuroprogenitor cells, reducing depressive disorders and neurological defects, (data recently included in Fig. 1).


From the collective data presented here we conclude that the discrete EM frequency bands identified, seem to represent a fundamental property of nature, influencing a broad spectrum of diseases, including the potential for their therapy. Specific EM fields could also exert subtle effects on mental conditions such as awareness, cognitive functions and self-consciousness.

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