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What is negentropy?

Negentropy as far as I can tell is defined about the same way as SELF ORGANIZATION. So to discover the origin of self organizing systems is to discover the origin of negentropy.

Entropy at a crude level is generally considered movement toward disorder or chaos. So the amount of entropy in a system could be thought of as the amount of disorder or tendency toward disorder (think of how young people tend to clean their room). The tricky part is to avoid allowing entropy theory to cause us have to a chaotic world view. 'Oops.. since everything really IS moving toward chaos- how can we NOT be depressed?' If physics says all will end in chaos- then how are our young people to be positive about the world?

Our new physics of negentropy is ideal therapy for this sad depression. In this sense I would like to demonstrate a deeply serious physics alternative for the depressing world view which says, 'it's all going downhill' that is toward entropy'. I say that physics which ends with entropy is a physics which is itself without order- BECAUSE it does not know the CAUSE of order- the CAUSE of negentropy.

The definition of NEGENTROPY then is the beautiful, hope and life giving OPPOSITE of entropy. Self generating negentropy is specifically the way TOWARDS more order, AWAY from chaos and disorder and TOWARDS life and mind and even the stable gravity making we know is also negentropic.

In a theological sense, our new physics of negentropy is precisely how and where divine force evolved among waves. It does not say that God is a white male with a beard, it says God is a beautiful and self organizing wave mechanic PRINCIPLE which DOES produce an intuitive and evolving inner voice and produce children which control stars.... AND the best way to DO that self empowering science of spirituality- is to learn the physics principles which allow you to embed your aura- in that divine principle !

So we are not among the Godless ones who do not believe in a divine destiny. Rather we are precisely spiritual about our relationship to the world. AND we are precisely spiritual because a deeper physics has now introduced us to an even MORE beautiful spirituality. That spirituality has left behind the childish worship of miracles and personalities- to a deep commitment to the scientific process to grow our auras- with the spiritually scientific hygiene necessary to project our bio-plasma/ spirit into our destiny as star inhabitors: the real implosive charge 'domain' of 'dominus vobiscum'.

Every child who has watched Star Wars knows that 'The Lord be With You' from church- has been replaced with 'The FORCE be with You' (Luke Skywalker). Now your physics teacher knows why. Universal charge propagation by phase conjugate principles- DOES know where to place biologic charge plasma inertia - to steer matter- from spirit. That universal intelligence of living charge- to make survival decisions based on profound fractal symmetry physics- is precisely the beauty Luke Skywalker dreamed- as he realized how to set his intent to bend space. First the wave coherent physics of pure intention- electrically tests for which wave, which intent, is perfect 'shareable'.

The implosive living charge of pure intention is exactly like the immortality doorways called 'Secret Places of the Lion' (recommend that book). The lion who smells for fear at the doorway (to plasma implosion) - does you a service. If you have fear - the electrical resistance to spin caused by failure to relax into embedding- is the heat which will toast you- if you embed in lightning without sorting your intentions. Plasma lightning IS bliss, kundalini, and doorway into star inhabiting. It is 'Powders' climax (the movie), and Luke Skywalker's 'force be with you'.

So I think we have THE solution to ALL chaos. Yes indeed - my book "Fractal Conjugate Space and Time" describes the alchemical recipe / frequency signature which is THE path out of all chaos - and into the only way to self-organize ANYTHING! Especially including life, and mind, and immortality. Yes let's not be humble about this. What we have here is the recipe out of death into immortal life. This is how waves AND people become immortal by becoming perfectly shareable - perfectly distributed.

We must not underestimate how profound is this concept to specifically create negentropy using an equation for the perfect frequency series. This does redefine not only physics but spirituality. Not only is this one and only phase conjugate implosive frequency/symmetry recipe caduceus the ONLY cause of gravity, negentropy, life force, and perception. It IS the only way out of chaos for mind and spirit, the perfectly shareable wave. Electrically we shall argue is a precise scientific description of phase conjugate (dielectric and magnetic and optical) systems. The perfect phase conjugate pump wave is THE Hermetic caduceus OUT of chaos. We shall see there is abundant electrical literature arguing this is exactly how phase conjugate systems self organize and appear to be 'everywhere at once' quite literally. (For example that famous paper about phase conjugate dielectrics: 'Alice in Barium Titanate Land' - field effects like these are definitely mindful, spiritual, godlike)

And once we understand the wave mechanics to set up these phase conjugate - self organizing systems- we do in face get beautiful and exact hygiene science for preparing to take memory thru death- into lucid dreaming and more.

I have throughout my whole life courageously insisted physics was the best way to be spiritual- and I am still more than ever convinced this is true.

I have been teaching for 30 years- that pure intention is precisely described in the wave mechanics of perfect coherence- whose climax condition is precisely conjugate. My invention The HeartTuner - has travelled to hundreds of countries- proving at every showing that- if you feel a PURE and SHAREABLE emotion- at that moment- your heart coherence increases. I am credited in the literature for inventing the word heart coherence- because I developed the (cepstrum ) mathematics to measure heart coherence ( film and discussion at fractalfield.com/coherence ).

The point for this moment- is to consider WHY the climax form of coherence is phase conjugation. We shall return to this metaphor as we think about how perfected coherence is HOW the hologram has info about it's whole- in each of it's parts. And we learn- HOW this form of perfect compression- leads to the very definition of fractality AND conjugation.

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  1. Cornelius van Dorp 22 February, 2016 at 1:57 pm - Reply

    I am very keen and excited to organise some clinical trials for this breakthrough device which appears to work by putting a half million volts of bliss into every cell in your body via the cold plasma forming a Rose at the tip of the kissing pine cones! Or if you like electrical engineering lingo it is a phase conjugating negentropic physiotherapy device. I’m looking forward to testing it on teeth problems – we really all need to regrow a 3rd set of teeth after growing up being attacked by the sugar industry first, then the dental industry drilling out our teeth and filling them with mercury amalgam, meanwhile making them brittle and discoloured with a thousand times too much fluoride – nothing for it but to grow a new set – does this device help with this? It has been proven already to quickly take care of the pain in any case – so watch this space!

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