Recharge Your Battery and Heal

2019-09-18T15:03:05+00:00 In this presentation, Dr. Jerry Tennant introduces us to his extraordinary research into the complex electrical circuitry of the human body. Since his own remarkable battle with debilitating ailments, Dr. Tennant has worked to develop a kind of map of this circuitry, to understand its essential connection to physical well being. In a [...]

The Physics of Emotions


2019-09-18T14:59:40+00:00 Most people have heard of the “mind/body connection” and are aware that emotions affect the way people act. However, few can describe how that works. What is relatively new is our understanding that emotions are stored in and around the body as magnetic fields. Not only do these magnetic fields cause the biochemical [...]

Healing the Body’s Electrical Circuitry

2019-09-18T15:26:19+00:00 Today, various electromagnetic therapies have gained unprecedented acceptance and use, and scientific studies continue to affirm the influence of electromagnetic fields on life. One of the leading pioneers in this rapidly growing field has been Dr. Jerry Tennant, an ophthalmologist whose book series Healing is Voltage describes his groundbreaking research into the electrical [...]

The Truth about Acid Reflux or Gourd and how the Body Alkalises.


2019-09-18T14:51:03+00:00 You cannot be well without Stomach Acid. Stomach acid is critical for disinfecting and killing off bad microbes and for optimizing protein digestion in the body. When the body is unable to produce enough stomach acid, than inadequate digestion and microbial overgrowth occurs. However there is no Stomach Acid pouch in our body. [...]

Inventor Paul Harris in NYC 2017


Paul Harris engineered the Theraphi which uses a non destructive single carrier wave to modulate our complex waveforms, creating multiple RF induced fields mixed in an ion plasma tube, referred to as ‘The Conjugator’. Various noble gases and frequency cascades were tested until the perfect mix was achieved. The Theraphi system uses longitudinal EM waves [...]

Interview with Paul Harris in 2016

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This is an interview with Paul Harris a Canadian inventor and researcher conducted in New York in 2016 regarding the Theraphi device. Paul has taken a multidisciplinary knowledge-base approach to a wide area of studies including Herbology, Permaculture, Water Technologies, Alternative Fuel and Energy Systems, Electronics, Chemistry and Plasma Physics. Paul has found this diversity [...]