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Andrew recounts his experience with the Theraphi:

Hi Dan, I recently had the privilege of of visiting Eddy Sharpless's healing sanctuary in Garberville, California.  The Theraphi is absolutely amazing. I want to thank you for your work. It has truly impacted my life in a most amazing way. I'm now officially addicted to the youtube videos you publish. I've probably watched about 5 hours in the last two days. Fascinating stuff!

This is a basic overview of my experience.  I'll be writing a more scientific report in a few more days. I can still feel changes taking place and want them to settle in for maximum accuracy. Let's just say, it's spectacular!  My brother told me about a special therapy light one of his clients had deemed the “God light.”    Naturally, I was intrigued, but I’m quite scientific and pragmatic so I was skeptical.  He was going to be taking my mom for some sessions after a gracious offering from a man named Eddy.  I asked if I could tag along to see what it was all about and he said yes.  

When we arrived after a gorgeous 4 hour drive through groves of giant redwood trees and awe inspiring northern California coastline we met Eddy at his sanctuary.  Immediately I could feel his kind, loving and generous spirit.  He showed us the healing room in which the Theraphi (ie. “God light”) resides.  The room is stunning with all kinds of amazing crystals (some probably weighing over 20 pounds). Essential oils wafted through the air and peaceful music played.  I could sense this place was legitimate.  My mom went first while my brother and I talked to a wonderful man named Bengt who sometime lives on the property.  Bengt is truly inspirational and you’re in for a treat if you have the privilege of meeting him.  My mom came out from the session glowing with a new radiance.  Obviously I was excited to go next.  

I entered the room and could feel the afterglow of the healing light. Eddy gave me a vial of high quality trace minerals and some charged/structured water.  I could literally feel the minerals and charged water entering my system.  It was like a cup of coffee without the jitters.   I got on the table and he turned on the lights.  Immediately I could feel an intensely soothing energy flowing all throughout my body.  It felt blissful.  I spontaneously started taking deep relaxing breaths.  At certain points I felt the urge to wiggle and stretch and I could feel links of my spine clicking back into alignment.  It was quite spectacular.

After the session he told me to drink lots of the charged water and go barefoot on the earth to get grounded.  I did exactly as he said and felt amazing.  A sense of peace and serenity seemed to be everywhere.  It’s like I could feel the essence of the large redwood tree growing right next to the healing room.  Now I knew this was legitimate.   He warned me there could be some turbulence due to the detoxing nature of the lights.  I was ready for battle but had few reactions. Some weird dreams was about it.  The next morning I woke feeling more alive than I can remember.  I felt happy knowing I had another session coming today.  

Again I got to chat with Bengt while my mom and brother received treatments which was delightful.   The second session was every bit as good as the first.  Once more I felt a sense of peace and bliss.  I was literally supercharged while still retaining deep groundedness.  I have not been able to achieve this state ever before in my  life.  Another checkmark this actually works.  Again I drank lots of charged water and did barefoot grounding.  I felt so connected to the redwood tree I literally went up and hugged it.  

That night my urine became somewhat yellow (which is odd for me) and was very foamy.  I knew something was happening.  I asked Eddy about this and he said it was due to the lymphatic system detoxing.  That’s interesting because I recently visited a holistic doctor who told me my lymph system was quite plugged.  It’s as if the lights target the exact issue you’re dealing with. Apart from the yellowish/foamy urine, I felt terrific other than a few strange dreams.

Overall the experience was magical.  When I got home I immediately had the urge to completely clean and reorganize my house.  My health feels tremendously  improved.  I have a new sense of life.  It was quite the experience.   I want to thank Eddy and Bengt for having us.  I would love to come back and volunteer on the property.  Wishing everyone happiness, health and vitality… Andrew    

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